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Physicians that use Ayurvedic medicine often prescribe herbal remedies that promote healthy digestion so that the body can release harmful toxins that are sometimes stored deep in tissues. An extremely popular remedy used by many Ayurvedic physicians today is triphala. Triphala was formulated many years ago in India and remains one of the most popular holistic herbal remedies still used today. It is made from three different fruits that grow in the Middle East and has potent healing properties. The following information will help explain a little more about how triphala is made, triphala uses and how it can be a smart addition to your daily diet.


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What is Triphala?

In Sanskrit the word triphala means "three fruits". Triphala is made from amalaki, haritaki and bibhitake which are three superfruits that are grown in the Middle East and India. These fruits are dried and then ground into a fine powder before being blended together to make the herbal remedy known as triphala.

What Are The Ingredients of Triphala?

Amalaki: Amalaki is also called amla or indian gooseberry. This herb is known as one of the most immune boosting herbs in Ayurvedic medicine. It is an effective antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation, regulate blood sugar levels and build lean muscle. It contains twenty times more vitamin C than orange juice and is commonly known in India as the "nurse herb". It is a great immune booster and helps to cool the body which is very helpful in balancing the pitta dosha.

Haritaki: While helping to balance the vata dosha, haritaki helps the body gently remove harmful toxins that may accumulate in the body's tissues and organs. It has strong laxative and astringent powers and is revered highly in the Middle East.

Bibhitaki: This fruit helps remove fat, fluids and mucous that may accumulate in the body. This is why it is a very effective treatment for those who suffer from lung conditions such as bronchitis or asthma. Bibhitaki has astringant and laxative properties that help balance the kapha dosha.

Is triphala safe?

Triphala is made from three fruits that grow naturally and is a safe herbal remedy for anyone to try. Most all triphala reviews from online websites that market triphala have many positive comments from satisfied customers. However, as with any natural detoxing formula you may experience a few side effects in the beginning. Triphala side effects may include headache, nausea, upset stomach, gas, diarrhea and possibly dehydration. Discontinue using triphala if these side effects become worse or are bothersome, and contact your doctor. Since the toxins that are released from the tissues may enter the bloodstream as it leaves the body, you may experience a few of these symptoms. However, these symptoms and side effects are usually mild and will go away after a short time.


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Triphala and Weight Loss

Triphala and weight loss go hand in hand. All of the benefits of triphala mentioned above can aid in keeping your body at a healthy weight and can even help with weight loss. A very effective triphala weight loss product is triphala guggulu. It is made with the same three fruits that are contained in triphala along with pippali and guggul. Pippali is an orange / red fruit that turns black when it is dried. It helps rejuvenate the body, aids in digestion and boosts metabolism. Guggul is a small tree with many branches. It produces a sap called gum guggul. The extract of this sap is the part that is used in making triphala guggulu. Triphala guggulu is very effective in removing fat and toxins from the body which is why it is considered one of the best home remedies for weight loss.

How to Take Triphala

Triphala has a strong taste so it may be easier to take triphala tablets or triphala capsules. The following is a recipe for triphala tea that can be sipped every night before bed. Simply add the following ingredients to one half cup of hot water, stir, and sip.

  • One half teaspoon of triphala powder
  • One teaspoon of unflavored psyllium fiber
  • One teaspoon of organic flaxseed that has been ground

Triphala Dosage

A typical triphala dosage is one half cup of the triphala tea mentioned above once every evening before bed. The dosage for tablets is two tablets one to three times per day or four to six tablets once per day. The dosage for children is about one or two tablets daily. However, check with your child's doctor to make sure the child is reasonably healthy before adding triphala to your child's diet.

Where and How to Buy Triphala

If you are interested in trying triphala, the following are three popular brands of triphala that you might want to check out:

Banyan Botanicals Triphala: Banyan triphala is certified organic and marketed in the United States. All of their products are produced without using pesticides, fertilizers, sewage sludge or ionizing radiation. In fact, the entire supply line is always inspected and approved by a third party that is accredited by the USDA.

Planetary Triphala: Planetary triphala is available in powder, capsule and tablet form. It can be purchased form your local health store or from their online website. All of their products are inspected by a strong team of quality control specialists. This team ensures that all of their products are free of heavy metals and pathogenic bacteria. Planetary makes a product called Triphala Gold that is made with only high quality fruits. It is potent but also gentle on the digestive system.

Triphala Organic India: Organic India Triphala is certified organic, and all of their products are strongly monitored by organic certifying agencies. Their triphala meets the standards of experienced and trained Ayurvedic doctors. Triphala Organic India is also gluten-free, kosher, GMO free and vegan.


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Triphala is one of the most popular herbal remedies in Ayurvedic medicine. Whether you choose to use it as a weight loss aid or as a preventative daily tonic, triphala is a very smart addition to your daily diet. It is totally natural and has many healthy benefits. Check out some of the brands listed above, see which works best for you, and take advantage of the many healthy benefits of this amazing herbal formula.

For your convenience, here are common spellings (misspellings?) of "triphala": trifala, trifla, tripala, triffala, trefala, trefela, trifila.

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